Custom Formulations

Individualized Formulas

We use individualized formulas in some instances to help you regain your health. The key is that herbal and nutritional medicines need time to work. 

Inform your acupuncturist if you have any allergies or sensitivities to sulfur compounds (red wine, dried apricots).

Classic Formulas

In general we use capsules or granules that are always from GMP manufacturers. If you choose to purchase herbal formulas from other sources, I cannot ensure you that the formulas will be fully effective.

Why should I get my formulas from you?

We screen all of our products to ensure that they are manufactured to GMP standards and that they have been manufactured and tested to ensure no pesticides are present.

If you buy herbs at the grocery store or online, I cannot ensure they meet the same standards and will treat your condition.

Custom Pre-Made Formulas

Topical Pain Relieving Formulas

We have pre-made packages of herbs to help relieve muscle pain and our in house pain relieving tincture. 

Older is more rare and better.

Tincture (<3 years old) = $5/bottle

                   (>3 years old) = $7 per bottle

Internal Cleansing Formulas

We often prescribe internal cleanses to allow your body to get the support it needs and relieve you of toxins. 

We have two formulations, to choose from for your treatment. Your Acupuncturist will help you decide which is best for you.

Da Cheng Qi Tang (mod.) = $5 per pack (one pack per day) *quick and strong

Vitamin C formulation =