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How does acupuncture work?

What is facial rejuvenation?

To have 'outer beauty' you need two things working for you. Good health and reduction of toxins in your body. The inner beauty process we use, activates the collagen in your face using extremely delicate needles to help the body identify and correct fine lines in the surface of the skin. We go to the next level and help tonify the muscles under the skin and neck area. As part of the wholistic approach there are needles also place in other areas of the body to help stimulate the production of good Qi and Blood. 

Very often the root cause of bad skin is a bad internal environment. We have formulas that help to cleanse out your body and to do a 'full reset' of your digestive system. After the cleanse we help to reintroduce the proper foods to yield optimal health.

Articles on facial treatments using acupuncture

We have a more effective treatment using herbal masks to help remove 'blood stasis' which is a cause for some of the dark spots you see on the face (not freckles).

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